I’ve uploaded the first act of the screenplay. Here’s a Google Doc to add comments.


In East New York, 15-year-old Roy is unhappy about his living and familial situation with his mother Patsy and his three younger siblings (12, 9, and 8). He wants what his best friend Dane has: family structure. Patsy takes on a double shift at the nursing home in order to accomplish her goal of buying a house. Roy takes on a huge responsibility to act as the second parent in place of his absent estranged father Charles (from Jamaica) and now his barely-present mother. When Roy hears news of his father being in town, Roy goes to find him despite his mother’s wishes. He runs away from home to hang with his father, but gets into trouble mingling in a bad crowd with the father’s acquaintances. Patsy saves him from the situation and Roy leaves with a better outlook on what terror his father is and how Patsy has always been there for him. Patsy shifts some of the responsibilities to the second oldest sibling Tammy, and Roy gets a job at a supermarket. Patsy shifts her focus away from buying a house, since more than anything, what they need right now is each other.