This site is the virtual half of the book/poster show, hosted by students in the visual arts program at Princeton University.

Juniors display their artist books (in the gallery in February), and seniors display their thesis posters (here, online). In past times, the show took place on table tops that were half bare, half freshly painted with Pantone colors.

This year, the tradition will continue online and off.

This site was designed by Megan Pai, Bhavani Srinivas, and Raya Ward, and it was built by Megan Pai. The typeface is Monti Sans by Eric Li.


Tobi Ajayi
Silma Berrada
Jessica Brice
Attila Delingat
Ameena Faruki
Issie Hilditch
Olivia Kusio
Samm Lee
Monique Legaspi
Megan Pai
Raya Ward
Miles Wilson
Ryan Xia